Why you cannot create a new Facebook account

No wonder why Facebook is now on a beast mode to remove the people who are trying to register a new Facebook account, the latest Facebook updates will disable the account instantly due to policy violation even if you are using a real phone number.

I notice this problem happened to me a few days ago when I try to register a new Facebook account for my son, the name is authentic, and the email address is valid, I buy sim number and use to enter the verification, but the problem still happened.

I don’t have any solution is to find a Facebook account on google, and I found out that there. Dozens of people are selling Facebook accounts. Maybe this is the reason why I cannot create a new account because I tagged that I already violated, doesn’t follow the community. Standards.

wonder these people behind selling a Facebook account on google are also experiencing the same. Maybe they have enough emails from Facebook to stop because they are violating Facebook user’s policy.

I choose to buy a Facebook account from residentialpva.com because I am lucky. After all, the site operator is online. I ask how much time I will wait if I purchase a Facebook account, and they say that usually within 24 hours. I inquire a lot of them, and only residentialpva.com is online.

Continue, I ask how did they do about the Facebook new algorithm. It is a challenging issue because Facebook will keep blocking you all the time. They ask the same question, and I disappointed because if facebook allowing me to create only one profile, maybe I will not buy Facebook accounts at no time.

People out there who are experiencing difficulties to register a new Facebook account, do not waste your time. I would suggest buying a Facebook account is the fastest way to own a Facebook account today.

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