Not all that white – Facebook BM ads

Very little of arbitration remains in arbitration. As paradoxical as it may sound, but the marketing at the bay in Facebook Ads is exactly zero. But a lot of fuss with accounts, pharming, warming, cloaking, dress, billing, branding, anti-details, sneers and many others.

Somehow unnoticed FB has turned from a source of traffic into some kind of battlefield for scammers and desperate. Just two years ago, those who did not pay for the write-off after the blockage, and for people were not considered. And now they don’t feel shame through one of the first and shame. “Anyone who did not pay the last bill and the arbitrator has no right to be called, because he does not care about roI.” And now everyone doesn’t care. There’s almost nothing left of The Arbitration on Facebook.

But wait! You can pour on the white. “Fuck!” you object, because white bans just like all other nutra-products. Yes, he’s been living a little longer. But ads_integrity_policy’s just as merciless. Why waste time on it your “white” when the ROI is lower, the lead is more expensive, and the final result is the same? That’s a good question.

However, let’s sort it out. I often found ads of goods that are in the partners, which quietly pour for months (!!!), but it is worth a similar run from pp, as the account quickly overtakes the ban. Why is that? According to the arbitration tradition, there will be talk that de FB-something-there is scorching and here you.

How whitehat-arbitration should actually work. The newcomer unloads the finished landing page with the established API integration “out of the box.” Sets up for cheap hosting in a freshly purchased domain. Verifies the domain as a business manager, puts the PageView pixel on one page and Lead on another. Creates an advertising campaign in the cabinet with the aim of “conversion” and … all. Its further task is to sort through creatives and ad groups in order to get a cheap audience and a cheap lead, as a result. That should be the bay for “white.”

But some bacchanalia begins with all sorts of prohibitions, checkpoints, departures for documents, limits on the brand and billings for two dollars. And when you finally get to the bay: “clap,” ban. But it’s white!

White or ripe – FB on the drum! For this reason, there is so much hysteria from newcomers asking them to teach them to pour or take in the team at least a slave, wiping the floors. Facebook seems counterintuitive, complex and inadequate. He even experienced media guy constantly puts in a standstill, and the newcomer and can go crazy from the whole game.

And this is by the way one of the reasons why arbitrators are sick and stop paying billing for advertising. Because of powerlessness and misunderstanding.

Okay, but let’s take a little pause and try to dig a little deeper. For example, let’s take the famous LeadRock offer:

It is obvious that this is a classic “white” offer. The product is quite harmless and in no way violates the fourth section of the, and in general the rules as such.

The landing page is simply winding chastity. To make sure, let’s do a simple exercise: go to any Spy and see if there is anything pouring somewhere with the words “sleep spray”: . A whole bunch of perfectly legal advertising sprays for sleep. There are e-commerce, and marketplaces and even cash-on-delivery (admittedly not a commodity). And it has been pouring for a long time (and since it has been pouring for a long time, then to see more and in profit). Decided! We’re going to flood…

But chu! Let’s take a closer look at  our pristine landing page With another simple exercise available to every beginner. Google this picture: will tell you honestly: “Perhaps the picture depicts a “pulsing headache.” This means that we are already getting a HIGHLIGHTED_PAIN_POINTS trigger, which may be the reason for blocking content in section 4.19 of the “Personal Health” ( rules. And yes, Facebook is no worse than Google’s ability to segment images and recognize information on them.

Let’s move on. Our attention is attracted by this wonderful young man:

The image of doctors on lending is in itself a big risk for the arbitrator. But if we Google Dr. Sergey Lavrov, it turns out that he is not only a neurologist, but also an ophthalmologist, and in general a specialist of a very wide profile. It is found on a variety of lends of various goods. And for sure more than once caught the eye of Facebook, and here we already fall under the trigger MISINFORMATION_IMAGE_MATCH; And this is a classic ban on “police” (section of Rules 8 “Positioning”).

We will leave the sympathizers in the section “reviews” (which often also tour the lends of various goods) and move on to the most elementary:

If Facebook is interested in what a small, but very ambitious enterprise Trestadar INC from Illinois (and he is sure to be interested), then will find that here and drones, and tactical pants, and all sorts of gadgets for cars and a whole bunch of other goods. It’s all Amazon in one box.

What’s even more interesting: the 61725 zip code in The Town of Karlok is located, attention Park! and 720 Oak Drive – such an address in this city does not exist (but there is a nearby town). The address is made up.

It’s odd to expect that Facebook, which spends $600 million a year on sparse matrix and other machine learning, doesn’t match such little things. Let’s add up to a heap that at least a few hundred more landings have absolutely identical text“Privacy Policies,”word for word. And it’s called all the lands policy_ro.html

And look at the success page.html It’s the same. There will be a million coincidences with other partners’ lands in this geo, because without exception everyone uses custom“politics”and custom page“thank you“.

The bottom line is that Facebook already has quite a lot of information about thousands of advertising accounts that have been banth from the same elements. And when he sees your “It’s white!”– your campaign is already at risk. It’s not white.

Important point: Facebook never bans you because of a single trigger. He can easily let the ad spin if it breaks something, but everything else is perfect. Facebook writes a red ticket for the amount of violations, not because of any one nonsense.

I foresee the objection of the view:“Oh no, FB does not burn anything on the first page!” When at the NutraDays conference you were asked to look at 41 triggers RelaxedSparsedModel, CPA RIP just thoughtlessly threw it into the publication, but no one has yet thought to decipher, right?

Summary: Your “white” is nothing and not at all “white” as you think. The fact that the lock arrives not immediately, and after a certain amount of spand means only that Facebook does not have time to disassemble your RC on all components and conduct analysis. Well, and the trust account also decides.

Creative partners make landings a conveyor belt – they do not physically have the ability to uniqueize the land under each webmaster. Therefore, bleaching the land (on all points described above) is your task. From pp you get a dummy, to fill and change which unique data should themselves. Ready-made lendas out of the box are just an example of what your landing might look like.

We recommend refining every boarding page you unload from the pp.

If you want me to take a closer look at the entire line of lock triggers on Facebook Ads, and finally clearly and humanly decipher all the sparse categories (read relaxedsparse) – then please beg you and beg – subscribe to LeadRock,put the heart and leave your comment. In the future, we are also waiting for materials on how to make REALLY and REALLY white land (with a couple of life hacks), which will spin for months.

Very tried to make this post useful and exciting, hope for your feedback. Thanks to everyone who read the text to the end.

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