Nilda Buy Facebook Accounts – 100 PVA


Nilda share her problem regarding the decision that she has done last month, due to her ignorance of using social media platform she decide to invest her last earn money business, and doing  marketing in facebook. She plan to sell out apparel goods which she imported from china, by that time she is going to sell the goods in facebook in local buy and sell listing which is marketplace .

After several days of posting the listing of her goods, facebook deactivate her facebook accounts and due to policy violation that she made, almost 1 month she waiting her account to reactivate but suddenly no sign of chance that facebook will help her problem.

Last July 2019 she told us that is very frustrating that facebook leave her no clue and pity, few more days reading from forums and watching videos in youtube she realize to buy facebook accounts online to wish that her business will back online, so sad that she landing to a bad facebook account seller that is going steal her money, buying 100 facebook accounts is too much for her local business because she only going to use for the listing her goods in marketplace on facebook

Its happening again, the sadness and prostration on how to resolve it quickly, she decide to dispute her payment but suddenly the seller is using dummy paypal account and already steal her money and no sign of refund after 2 weeks of waiting, the seller not responding of dozens email that she sent, bad luck maybe I’m not lucky and this business is not my line. She found out that the sellers is from Pakistan which are very risk country in terms of online transactions

No matter what happened in this life you will need to be patient and to have strong decision so you can move forward along the way, she learn a lot of mistakes and that is very unfortunate,  but the decision is already made, regrets will not changes the mistakes.

I learn a lesson of her confessions, I fell so sad to her during the time we talk each other and then I shared to her that forget everything, you’ve done and there still tomorrow lights, lets get up and move on and get started a new beginning.


Be careful of using social media specially if you purchase because there is money involved.

She is not knowing what is the impact of buying facebook accounts

If you are looking to solve your problem, why don’t you make a research on how to be cleaver on social media, do not risk your money. lets take a look Nilda is one of the victim of the new scams of selling facebook accounts which is not delivering the right accounts as the seller publish to the website.